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The host of Raymond mill current high is what reason? What is the effect of the high current on the mill? Many customers will encounter a variety of time in the use of mill equipment problems, the current increase may for the host many users will think is the motor reason, in fact, following by the technical staff and machinery to explain the reason.
The reason of high current host Raymond Mill
One, material is difficult to wear is the main reason. 1, the material material to too much, resulting in equipment overload operation of Raymond mill, while energy consumption increases, causing the current increase in host body temperature, also can be increased, and accompanied by the grinding cavity material blockage; 2 reasons, the material itself, the material temperature is too high, will cause the rise of mill current so, mill temperature increased; 3, the material humidity too high, resulting in mill material blockage, the difficulties caused by the current rise of Raymond Mill grinding.
Two, the selection of the powder machine speed setting, the selection of the high speed of the powder machine can also cause the current increase in the host.
Three, the grinding disc and the grinding roller wear too serious, or clearance is set properly, the gap is too small will cause the current increase in the host, let the Raymond mill operating difficulties.
Effect of high current host Raymond Mill
The current increase in the host is often accompanied by the current fan motor is increased, when the wind is reduced, blowing up material, come down for a long time will cause the material blockage, not only affect the output of Raymond mill, but also caused serious damage to the mill, very serious influence.
Solution the host current increase of Raymond Mill
A material: to strictly control the feed rate and feed temperature, maintain uniform feeding, but also reduce the material humidity, Raymond mill grinding material humidity must be below 6%, too wet material will cause clogging caused by adhesion of powder mill.
Two, select the powder machine: to reduce the rotating beam of the powder selection machine, used to increase the air intake of the fan.
Three, if you wear plate and immediately to the new grinding roll, if improper to increase the gap because the clearance is appropriate.
The host of Raymond mill current high is what reason? What is the effect of the high current on the mill? Now we all know it, customer friends in the case of this situation, do not worry, first down, in accordance with the above reasons one by one investigation, to find the reasons for the solution.




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